JBLM-Madigan doctor accused of sexual misconduct

Case might be largest of its kind in Army history


An Army doctor stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord was arraigned last Friday in what Army investigators say is the largest military sexual abuse case on record.

“We cannot state with certainty that this case involves the largest number of sexual assault/sexual abuse victims the Army has prosecuted; however, an accurate characterization is that this case is one of the largest in regard to the number of victims for a case of this type,” said Michelle McCaskill, communications director for the Army Office of Special Trial Counsel, which is conducting the prosecution.

Major Michael Stockin, M.D., an anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, is charged with molesting 41 soldiers and veterans during medical appointments at the Madigan Army Medical Center. 

Madigan officials declined to comment on the case.

“There are 47 specifications for abusive sexual contact and five for indecent viewing for a total of 41 victims, in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice,” added McCaskill.

Arraigned at the Cascade Courthouse Complex on JBLM, Stockin answered “yes, your honor,” to a number of questions from military judge Colonel Joseph Babin.  He is the senior judge in the Army’s 6th Circuit, which includes JBLM.

If found guilty of all charges, Stockin could face a maximum penalty of more than 300 years in prison.

He waived his right to an Article 32 hearing, the military equivalent of a preliminary hearing, and his right to hear the charges read in court.  He also said through his attorneys that he would defer a plea on the charges until a later date.

According to a report in Stars & Stripes, Stockin’s civilian lawyer, Robert Capovilla, wrote last week that Stockin would plead not guilty during the months of pre-trial motions prior to the scheduled start of his trial on October 7.

“We intend to fight against every single allegation until the jury renders their verdict,” wrote Capovilla in an email.

Stockin chose to be tried by a panel. Military law entitled him to choose between a trial in which a judge would decide, or one in which a panel of eight officers who are senior in rank than he would decide. This panel, like a jury, would be selected from a pool of 199 officers randomly selected from those serving with I Corps, the main command at JBLM.

Selection of the panel will begin at the next scheduled hearing, April 17.

Lawyers representing some of the alleged victims have filed civil lawsuits against Stockin and the Army, alleging that he fondled their genitals during medical appointments for issues not related to their examinations.


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  • SaraLynn

    There is a massive amount of sexual assault and abuse at JBLM. The case of this doctor assaulting patients is shocking, but we also see several cases of senior Commanders sexually assaulting and harassing the troops. We see the sexual assault of children on JBLM - on more than one occasion - along with the production and distribution of child pornography, and JBLM senior police officers posing in front of a brothel mocking the sexual abuse of women, while these crimes are covered up by the JBLM DES and those who report these crimes are subjected to harassment and retaliation. All of this has been reported in the news, and yet the JBLM Commander does nothing about it.

    We respect our Soldiers and Airmen on JBLM and understand that the vast majority are honest and honorable men and women, dedicated to serving their country. But, there is also a rotten core of corruption and abuse within the JBLM DES (JBLM Police) and a complete failure of the JBLM leadership to do anything about it.

    Thursday, February 29 Report this