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The "jungle" is next to, not in the wet lands.

The biggest source of pollution would be The Roadway and Traffic Also from CARS automoti ve, a repair facility that didn't give much thought to enviroment.

I know for a fact, i worked there for about 6 Months.

Until I realized how Horriable they were to employees and the Enviroment...2011.

Anyone that believes they will be able to buy raw land and have services too for even 10000 is not thinking straight.

Everyone deserves a home, place to regroup, safe residency.

How you can be so sure anyone steals, or robs or scams for their meager existance is a problem.

You (olyguy) and others that use deframation of specfic individuals, are on thin ground legally and Morally.

You have Proof of Guilt?

Its NOT free land either, it's Private Property owned by The City, and Monitored by such.

No, Your just another complaint without a means to a Positive Outcome.

I don't condone Houselessness, NOR do I condone Complainers without Intelligent Senarios to address and HELP those without the same Opportuinities as You have had.

From: Mike's story: Says he’s never been freer 

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