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Talk about some bullshit reporting. U shouldn't be reporting about people without getting ut facts straight. About 5% of that was accurate, the rest, is made up. Most of those words never came out of his mouth. Capitalist yes, American yes, prison? No, lifetime of abuse? Was never said. It's bad reporting like yours that gets everyone thinking this fucked up ****. And u lied about who u worked for in order to get this interview. If the truth was known u woulda been chased out of the jungle.

U people come in here and attempt to make us look like criminals, drug addicts, and freeloaders. It's not even like that, there are those that use and those that don't, some of us have jobs, some are hiding or running from only they know. And it's their business as well, don't care where u come from, why ur here. That's why we're here. This is why ur not a real reporter, cuz u only know how to write fiction. Don't come back here again.

From: Mike's story: Says he’s never been freer 

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