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These stories both crack me up and infuriate me! I laugh because of all the comments that this topic illicits. People are so blind - I guess you all have never considered where your money is going - what you are actually paying for or what your vote actually means. Albert Einstein made famous the phrase “Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.” That is exactly what's happening to Olympia. I laugh because that's all I have left to offer - it really is like watching a very bad, tragic comedy.

This all infuriates me for the exact same reasons that I laugh. I'm financially supporting Mike and all of his friends and neighbors in the jungle and all of their bad decisions. I'm sick of it - but I only offer one vote. The only other option I have is to take my money elsewhere....which I do when I can and have that option. I rarely spend time in Olympia anymore. Why would I? Olympia for me is a drive through space - when the freeway is crowded and I still need to get a cross the county. There are good restaurants in Shelton, in Tacoma, in Centralia. There is entertainment at the Casinos, in Yelm at the theater, and other places where safety isn't a concern. Go there - discover the world outside of Olympia. If enough people do that - maybe then the City Council will wake up and realize that their repeated decisions really have equalled insanity!

From: Mike's story: Says he’s never been freer 

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