Airbags deployed: Driver cited for DUI after blowing .203


An allegedly intoxicated driver obliterated her car at the intersection of Harrison Ave NW and Kaiser Rd just past midnight Saturday, Sept. 18.

Gabriella Marie Davidson, 26, of Shelton was being treated by Olympia Fire when Olympia Police arrived. Her vehicle had extensive damaged to both driver-side tires, along with both front and side airbags deployed. According to the police report, the driver had likely struck the median curb. “There were pieces of broken plastic in the 4300 block of Harrison Ave NW on the median curb,” police reported.

Davidson, who admitted to being the sole occupant of her 2014 Ford Focus, said she had driven away from the Westside Tavern after consuming two Tito’s Vodka and cranberry drinks. Davidson also admitted to hitting the median curb, which was three miles from the Westside Tavern. The impact damaged both driver-side tires and rims.

On the Draeger, Davidson blew a .203 BAC, which is almost three times the legal limit of 0.08 BAC in the state of Washington.

Davidson was cited for driving under the influence and released to Capital Medical Center for observation of her collarbone, which she said was injured by the vehicle’s seat belt.


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