Alleged 21-year-old DUI and hit-and-run suspect made sexual comments to female police officer


An unlicensed driver attempted to practice his driving skills while intoxicated, using his uncle’s vehicle, hitting a parked car in the process, on Saturday, July 10 after 11 p.m. according to Lacey Police.

Junny Cheita, 21, blew a 0.75 preliminary breath test at the scene, after he refused to perform field sobriety tests.

During the encounter, Cheita made several sexual references to the female Lacey officer, who wrote in her report that Cheita asked to be kissed. He also demanded that she not “touch” a specific part of his body during her pat-down search while placing him under arrest.

Cheita had allegedly been driving his uncle’s white SUV to “practice his driving skills” despite being an unlicensed driver. Cheita’s uncle was contacted and while he said that his nephew did not have permission to use the vehicle he did not want to press criminal charges. 

The incident was reported to 911 dispatch by the owner of the vehicle that Cheita allegedly hit, scraping the side of the parked vehicle several times during the process.

Cheita was booked into the Nisqually Jail for driving under the influence and hit and run attended.


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