New boyfriend punches long-time boyfriend in drunken fight over girlfriend

Noah Terwilleger gave this interview to Olympia police alleging that Darin Armstrong beat him on June 9, 2021.
Courtesy of Olympia Police Department

This story was updated June 11, 2021 at 2:18 pm to add the recording of the arraignment of Darin Anderson. 

Claiming that he had received text messages from his longtime girlfriend to meet him at a local bar, a man showed up to find her and her sister, accompanied by a man, who claimed to be the new boyfriend and who allegedly punched the man several times.

The alleged victim is Noah Terwilleger, 24, who told Olympia police that Darin Armstrong,  22, of Lacey, had punched him several times in the head while Terwilleger and Armstrong were in the parking lot adjacent to King Solomon’s Reef at 11:22 p.m. on June 9.

When OPD arrived, a large knot was forming on Terwilleger’s left forehead along with bruising under his left eye. See video, above.

Terwilleger told OPD that he had arrived at the 4th Ave Tavern to meet up with his girlfriend, Sierra and her sister Kaitlin, and found them both with Armstrong. Terwilleger told police that decided to sit away from the trio, at the bar, and not engage.

After Armstrong approached Terwilleger at the bar, claiming that Terwilleger’s girlfriend was now with Armstrong, Terwilleger decided to leave.

Armstrong followed Terwilleger from the 4th Ave Tavern to the nearby King Solomon’s parking lot, allegedly punching Terwilleger a few times in the head and face.

Terwilleger stated that Sierra and Kaitlin came out of the bar and into the parking lot, with Sierra putting herself between Armstrong and Terwilleger, while Kaitlin tried to grab and hit Terwilleger, missing on physical contact.

While Terwilleger was calling 911 dispatch, Armstrong had left and had gotten behind the wheel of his truck. Armstrong then decided to get out and re-engage with Terwilleger. OPD arrived as Armstrong was exiting the vehicle.

According to the police report, Armstrong admitted punching Terwilleger twice, claiming that Terwilleger had been unfaithful to his girlfriend, Sierra, and needed to “stop blowing up her phone.”

Armstrong told OPD that “I punched him because he was trying to touch my girl.”

Armstrong had a field sobriety test administered because he was contacted by OPD while behind the wheel of his silver Ford Ranger in the King Solomon’s parking lot. Armstrong blew a .090 on the Draeger.  The legal blood alcohol limit in Washington is .08.

Armstrong was charged with misdemeanor assault and driving under the influence.

Update:  At the arraignment of Darin Anderson on June 10, 2021, Anderson was released and bail returned. The court set a date of July 12, 2021 for the next hearing, issued a two-year no-contact order restricting Anderson from contacting Terwilleger directly or indirectly and imposed other restrictions.

  • Courtesy of City of Olympia

    This is a recording of the arraignment of Darin Anderson on June 10, 2021.


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