Arrested on DUI suspicion, Lacey man accosts, harasses cops


A Lacey man was allegedly caught asleep at the wheel and began harassing officers after he was brought in custody.

Olympia police arrested Jacob J. Rousseau, 28, on July 30 after a reported incident of driving under the influence (DUI) at the intersection of Cooper Point Road SW and Black Lake Boulevard SW.

The reporting party said he was at the intersection stopped behind a Chevrolet Colorado that did not move through multiple traffic light cycles. The man said he honked his horn at the vehicle but did not receive a response, prompting him to call 911.

The car was still at the intersection when police arrived. An officer noted that the man in the driver’s seat, later identified as Rousseau, and a woman in the passenger seat were both “passed out.”

An officer woke up Rosseau by shaking the vehicle, according to the police report. When the suspect awoke, he took his foot off the brake pedal, and the car began to move forward.

Rousseau then stopped the car and rolled down his window, releasing a “strong smell of alcohol,” the officer said, adding that the suspect’s eyes were “bloodshot and droopy.”

The suspect told police he had two glasses of whiskey at Charlie’s Bar & Grill in downtown Olympia. He refused to submit to field sobriety and alcohol breath tests.

The officer handcuffed Rousseau after finding probable cause to arrest him for DUI. The suspect became “verbally combative” at the Olympia City Jail, the officer said, noting that Rousseau repeatedly called him a “f*ggot” and a “b*tch.”

After being informed of his Miranda Rights, Rosseau called the officer “retarded” and said he “wouldn’t comply,” the police report stated.

The officer said Rousseau also attempted to poke his face, that he then slapped his upper right leg and called him a “b*tch.”

Police said Rousseau refused to continue with the DUI process and made statements such as calling an officer a “piece of sh*t,” telling him to “go f*ck” and “kill himself.”

Rousseau was placed into a restraint system due to his behavior. Police then obtained a warrant to get blood samples from the suspect.

En route to the hospital for the blood draw, Rousseau repeatedly spat inside the patrol vehicle and yelled at officers, police said.

After his blood draw, Rousseau was booked into the Thurston County Jail for DUI and third-degree assault.

Police brought the suspect’s female companion home. She recalled that Rousseau had two or three drinks at a bar earlier in the day.


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  • FirstOtter

    He's been released back to the streets. Why do we even bother, the TC sheriff dept has a revolving door.

    Tuesday, August 9 Report this