DUI crash suspect had 17-year-old brother in passenger seat

Hit-and-run suspect’s blood alcohol level measured at .142


Two brothers escaped from the elder's pickup truck after allegedly flipping it over while driving under the influence last Friday.

Nathan Cline, 29, of Lacey, was allegedly the driver of the single-vehicle collision at the 2100 block of East Bay Dr. NE in Olympia, sending his 1990 Nissan pickup through a fence. Cline and his 17-year-old brother who was the passenger then fled on foot away from the accident, just before midnight last Fri., June 4.

Olympia police arrived to discover significant damage to the pickup’s cab, along with small blood droplets outside the truck on the ground. There was also a 100-foot debris field. In the police report, OPD estimated that the vehicle was traveling southbound on East Bay Dr NE when it veered right, snagged the sidewalk curb, ran over a garbage can, then struck a small tree which caused the pickup to flip. The roll cage/bar of the pickup had been completely detached from the vehicle and came to rest directly behind the truck.

There was also damage to the property’s fence and rock wall where the pickup came to rest, flattening the fence.

OPD contacted two subjects who were picked up by another vehicle at the 1900 block of East Bay Dr. NE, two blocks from the accident scene by Cline’s fiancee. Cline’s younger brother was bleeding on his head and limbs. Cline refused to speak to OPD.

Cline told OPD that he and his brother had just “gone for a walk.” The female driver denied that she knew about Nathan owning a Nissan when OPD spoke to her.

Cline had a 9mm Beretta handgun on him at the time of the incident.

When asked again about the truck, Nathan told OPD: “What truck, I have no idea what you are talking about, officer, please tell me what you mean?”

Inside the pickup was Nathan Cline’s wallet and driver’s license. Cline also has a misdemeanor warrant out of Lewis County.

Cline blew a .142 and was arrested, booked in the Olympia Jail for driving under the influence and hit-and-run. Leon had five staples put in his head caused by the accident. The legal blood alcohol limit in Washington is .08.


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