Five arrests in one month for Olympia man

Most recent: assaulting his mother


Arguing with her son over his alcohol consumption and a cigarette lighter, a mother was assaulted by her adult son on Sunday and was arrested, his fifth arrest in a month.

On Sun., June 6 just after midnight, Shawn Reed, 30, staying at his mother’s house in Olympia, allegedly threw a crystal glass at his mother, Beverly, slapped her in the face and threw a beer can at her which struck her foot.

Beverly told Olympia police that Reed was using methamphetamine and she told him to leave, which made Reed “very angry and agitated.” Reed got “in her face” and Beverly exited to her bedroom, where Reed stood outside, banging on the door and yelling at her, breaking the door handle and damaging the door.

When OPD contacted Reed, he was walking North on Fairview St SE, and began to “howl like a wolf,” telling officers “fuck you, I don’t have to talk to you” and then made statements claiming that a family member had once sexually assaulted him. He also referred to officers by an anti-LGBTQ derogatory term.

Reed began to take an aggressive manner toward OPD and was tasered.

Reed was booked into the Olympia Jail for simple assault and malicious mischief, as well as obstructing a law enforcement officer.


Reed was also arrested on May 21 at 1:02 a.m., for allegedly attempting to break into a woman’s house at the 2100 block of East Bay Dr NE.

He claimed that he was talking to someone named “Koko” and that he heard a woman calling from help at the house.

The reporting victims told OPD that Reed had attempted to access through doors and windows, trying to find “Koko” and that they were now terrified and unsafe.

Reed was booked into the Olympia Jail for Criminal Trespass.


Olympia police have been called several times to deal with Reed, including May 5, when he threatened his neighbors at Bethel Street, grabbed a large television and tossed it onto his lawn during a “freak out” then took off in his car.

Reed allegedly woke up his neighbors, a couple who live in the house below his studio apartment, claiming that the couple had left “devices” in his apartment. Reed allegedly kicked the garage door and told the neighbors that he was going to murder them. “I’ll fucking kill you and your girlfriend in your sleep.”

At least 10 neighbors were standing outside their houses concerned about Reed’s behavior when Olympia police arrived.

Reed return to his home later that evening and was arrested, booked into the Olympia jail for harassment with threats.


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Hi there- Just want whoever wrote this to understand that it's harmful to write something like this about someone struggling with mental illness. Please consider the impact.

Thursday, June 10
Editor / Danny Stusser

To "Anonymous" -- We don't know, from the facts of this story, whether the individual described has a mental illness. Please consider that many individuals develop mental illness after taking street drugs. Please consider the impact of people who use drugs and alcohol who develop anti-social behaviors. Please consider the impact on such individuals of society failing to make drug treatment programs accessible to them. Finally, please consider the danger posed by some individuals who experience the court system instead of a treatment system and find that it's a revolving door instead of a supportive, temporary home.

Monday, June 14