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Introduction to Afformations


Dear Readers,

I wanted to take some time today to introduce you to a concept that is new to me but one that I believe could be very powerful. Danny Stusser, the publisher [and interim editor] of The JOLT, recently introduced me to Noah St. John, a highly acclaimed coach who has helped thousands of people increase their income and change their lives; and he does it all through questions.

I’ve always considered questions to be one of the most potent forms of thought and speech. Still, I never considered utilizing them in quite the fashion that Noah teaches through the concept of Afformations, a term that St. John has trademarked. Essentially, he suggests that we use our brains to answer positive questions that already assume we have our desired results.

Afformations, positive questions, are not the same as the more commonly discussed “affirmations,” or positive statements. The challenge of affirmations is the pushback that automatically triggers in your brain when you utilize them. Few of us believe them. By shifting those positive statements into questions, you can potentially bypass these automatic responses and trigger a shift in your brain. In many regards, you’re utilizing the law of attraction to provide you with reasons your affirmations are true for you.

It might seem a little weird at first, but I’ll give you some examples to help you out. Test and see what you think, just as I plan on doing. With any luck, we’ll both wind up better people.

Step 1 – Determine what you want.

For my husband, this one is a bit of challenge all by itself, so don’t worry if that’s where you are too. If nothing else, your first desire can be to figure out what you want. If you already know, start by writing a list of the things you want.

Step 2 – Come up with positive statements.

Figure out what you would like to believe surrounding your desire. “I have millions of dollars,” “my kids are such angels,” “I love having this spacious, luxurious home,” “I always know what I want.”

The sky is the limit, but if you really want to test, the more outrageous your dreams, the more outrageous the potential outcomes. You can also mix and match the mundane with the impossible.

Step 3 – Turn the statements into questions.

As you come up with these questions, remember that you aren’t specifically looking for an answer; instead, you are reprogramming your brain to look for signs of the success you’re seeking. Pose a question and let your brain fill in the gaps.

You can pretty much take any statement and turn it into a question by starting with the words, “Why do I….”

“Why do I have so much abundance?”, “Why are my kids such angels?”, “Why do I have such a comfortable home?”, “Why do I always know what I want?”

I’ve always felt that “why” is the single most powerful question and word out there. By asking “why” we learn and grow. “Why” offers us the opportunity to forge new paths and even prevent potential harm (questioning orders). Now we have a new way to utilize this powerful word to help us create the kind of life that we want for ourselves and our loved ones.

Best of luck and happy practice,

           ~ Lexis

Editor’s Note: Yes, I did introduce Lexis to Noah, and I’d be happy to introduce you, too.  One of the best ways to get to know a coach or teacher is to read his or her book.  Click here to get an almost-free copy of Noah’s newest book, titled, Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money

Alexis Rae Baker writes from her home in Olympia.   Got a question about life, relationships, spirit? Write to Lexis at 


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