Lacey Council hears about proposed Gold Star Memorial


 A local group that supports US military veterans is planning to build a new Gold Star Memorial in Lacey to honor soldiers who have died for the country and their families.

The proposal was discussed during the Lacey City Council meeting yesterday. Councilmember Michael Steadman shared that Jerry Wilkins, board member of the Lacey Gold Star Memorial Foundation briefed the council regarding the proposed monument at the city’s Community Relations Committee meeting on Mon., Aug. 2. Steadman also noted that they plan to build the monument at the Lacey Civic Plaza, 521 Sleater Kinney Road SE.

The memorial will be part of a nationwide effort by Medal of Honor Recipient Hershel “Woody" Williams who established the Woody Williams Foundation which is dedicated to building these memorials across the country. Currently, there are 86 monuments installed throughout the United States, with 76 monuments in progress including the proposed Lacey Gold Star Memorial.

The Lacey Gold Star Memorial Foundation was organized in 2019. Through their efforts, the local group has raised $31,000 toward the $100,000 cost of the project.

The local group is continuing its fundraising efforts. Currently, they are holding a sale of the memorial bricks which will be placed at the base of the monument.

Residents are also encouraged to make donations to the local project through the Woody Williams Foundation website. The council also forwarded the proposal for its next work session to discuss possible ways to raise the remaining funds.

Steadman shared that “memorials are reflective of the community’s Gold Star Families, families whose loved ones have made a great sacrifice for our country.”


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Well, goody. I suppose this means that the next Federal holiday will bring us six flags on every flagpole. Jingoistic posturing. Makes me disgusted for what our country has become. Every moron walking round with a battle flag on their clothing and not even knowing what it means. How's about investing in the country instead of a military which is used to secure natural resources around the globe. Not legally, I add.

Monday, August 9

“Blah’s” ignorant comment is just that. Countless “good”people sacrificed life and freedoms that “Blah” was so graciously given. They served even for the less desirable of humanity much like “Blah.” For one moment imagine being so spoiled and filled with hate that you’d comment like “Blah” did. Now having said that even “Blah” and people like “Blah” deserve to be “free.” The civilized process should be as follows…until the “Blah’s” of the World prove to be “evil” only then should they not deserve being “free.” It is then that the “good” will carry the heavy burden of holding the “evil” accountable. That’s if we uniformly and unequivocally want to be a civilized people. It’s very possible “Blah” is a 12 year old acting out. In which case it still goes back to being spoiled and gifted freedom by someone else’s sacrifice. If that’s the case “Blah” is just an ignorant kid. A scared one at that because of the use of “Blah” as an identity. Coward would have be more appropriate.

Tuesday, August 10