Lacey homeless camp behind Dept. of Ecology scene of arrest


Answering a domestic disturbance call between two transients at the homeless camp behind the Department of Ecology, Lacey Police cited and arrested one transient for criminal trespass last Tuesday.

Roy Benningfield, 32, was arrested for trespass on the second domestic disturbance call that day associated with the homeless camp at 300 Desmond Dr. SE on May 4.

According to the police report, the City of Lacey has a contract with the Washington State Department of Ecology to remove trespassers from that location. Over a two-week period, Lacey officers had posted at the camps and advised them to leave.

At 8 a.m., Lacey Police made contact with several transients and cited them for an official trespass notice, including Benningfield.

At 2:16 p.m., after one of the transients, Amanda, called 911 dispatch alleging that Benningfield had assaulted her, Lacey Police returned. Benningfield claimed that Amanda had started “acting crazy” and that he had to grab her write “to stop her from trying to assault him. 

Benningfield was booked into the Nisqually Jail for trespass due to remaining at the camp in the seven hours since being officially cited and asked to vacate the property.


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I thought that there was still an eviction ban in Washington state. Once again city officials are picking on the most vulnerable people in our community while we all look the other way because for some reason it's still socially acceptable to discriminate against deep poverty. Shameful.

Wednesday, May 12

What’s shameful is you excusing the behavior of a criminal attacking a woman. He’s not being “picked” on, he got what he deserved.

Saturday, June 5