Lacey mulls installing speed humps along 57th Avenue SE


Lacey’s Transportation Committee is deliberating the installation of traffic calming devices or speed humps along 57th Avenue SE following speeding complaints from residents.

The committee approved a neighborhood boundary to circulate a petition to install a temporary traffic calming device, which will require the majority support of 60% of the voting neighborhood.

If approved, Lacey will install a temporary traffic calming device that will be in place for a minimum of six months to one year to determine its effectiveness.

The neighborhood will vote on installing a permanent traffic control device after the test period.

Initially, Lacey would provide and install the temporary traffic control device. If the neighborhood approves permanent devices, the city will share the cost with the community for installation.

According to the Public Works Department report, Lacey previously installed temporary traffic calming on 57th Avenue last 2004, but the neighborhood ultimately voted not to install permanent devices.


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