The Revolving Door of Justice

Man allegedly chokes fast-food employee

The restaurant was closed but the man demanded to be served anyway


A man allegedly choked a fast-food employee after becoming enraged and ramping garbage cans meant to block entry into a closed drive-thru on Tues., June 29 just after 4 p.m.

Several employees were outdoors following work at the Jack In The Box at 4040 Martin Way E watched as Wellington Miles Waggener, 32, allegedly drove his 2007 Cadillac Escalade into the restaurant’s closed drive-thru, rammed trash cans used to block off the lane, and then screamed into the ordering station, demanding free food and asking to speak to a manager.

The restaurant was closed due to the heat. 

Vincent Haywood, 26, went to speak to Waggener, who exited his vehicle, arguing about the food.

Haywood told Olympia police that he had said to Waggener, “Hey boss, it’s time to leave.”

Waggener allegedly replied to Haywood “I’m not your boss, you don’t even know me” and then grabbed Haywood by the neck with both hands, squeezing so that he couldn’t breathe. Haywood was pulled back by a coworker, Delaney Boe, 20, as Waggener released him. The police officer’s interview with Boe is posted below this story.

Boe called 911. She reported that Waggener began to follow her around in a threatening manner.

Waggener then gave his phone number and his name to the Jack In The Box manager through the order box, asking to have his call returned the next day.

Waggener returned to his SUV, and left the scene, deciding to pump gas across the street at the AM/PM.

Olympia police contacted Waggener at the AM/PM and handcuffed him. While sitting the backseat of the OPD patrol car, Waggener asked if he was under arrest and said “I’m Miles Waggener, nice to meet you.”

Waggener was booked into the Thurston Jail for assault.

  • Courtesy of Olympia Police Department

    This is the police interview of Delaney Boe on June 29, 2021 related to incidents with Wellington Miles Waggoner.


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