Man makes a rest stop in the (former) South Pacific, learns that it's not legal


A man was arrested after Tumwater Police say they spotted him urinating on the former South Pacific” restaurant building on Monday.

Brandt Warder, 43, allegedly relieved himself at the building located at 3507 Capitol Blvd S at 8:57 p.m. right in front of law enforcement. According to the police report, Warder’s shorts were low and he had exposed himself to local traffic.

“While I could not see myself, it was clear from how low the front of his pants were that he had his penis exposed. Where he was standing I believe that his penis could be seen by southbound traffic on Capitol Blvd S. It was still daylight out and there was a lot of traffic present,” was written in the officer’s report.

When Warder noticed the police officer’s patrol car, he pulled up his shorts and started walking away northbound.

According to the police report, Warder was told to stop by the officer but kept walking. He allegedly stated to the police officer that the location was “not a public place and that he could pee there.”

The officer wrote in the report that he grabbed Warder’s arm and Warder pulled away “violently.” The officer stated that he used his left foot to trap Warder, then called for backup.

Warder was taken to the ground and arrested, as well as was told several times to “relax.” Warder continued to “kick” and attempted to “buck” the officer.

Another officer came on the scene to assist with the arrest.

Warder was found to have several felony warrants out of Thurston County and several misdemeanor warrants out of Olympia, according to the police report.

Warder was booked into the Nisqually Jail for obstruction of a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest. Though Warder admitted to urinating in public, there was no “victim” who saw Warder to report it, so the officer chose only to refer to it in the report.


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fran beard

oy vey.. these are the funniest criminals ... ever ... I have never laughed at a police blotter before... I think I could be a P/O here.....til a real crime happens ..

Thursday, May 13