Olympia man booked on felony after allegedly pointing gun during argument

The suspect told authorities “to serve [their] white supremacist ideas somewhere else."


 An Olympia man was arrested after allegedly pointing a gun at a man he was arguing with over an unleashed dog.

Olympia police arrested Iassc Hawkes-Engberts, 42, on the 500 block of Alta Street SW on Tue., Nov. 16, after a woman reported that a gun was pointed at her boyfriend following a verbal dispute over her dog. Hawkes-Engberts’ name was alternately shown as “Isaac” or “Abraham” in various police documents.

The woman told police that she let her dog out of her car without a leash because [the dog] needed to vomit, then heard a man who was walking two dogs yell at her saying, “Dumb white bitch, put your dog on a leash.” She and her male companion shouted back, she added.  In her call to the police, she said the man was a hispanic male. 

Police say Hawkes-Engberts then turned his attention to the woman’s male companion, who was oiling his BB pistol in the driver’s seat at the time, the woman said.

Police report that the male associate "stated he started calling out to Isaac calling him "Niggah" which he said was just his way of talking when he got angry."  The male companion is identified by police as being Black.

The male companion said he told Hawkes-Engberts that the gun was only a BB pistol, to which Hawkes-Engberts replied, “That’s a BB pistol? This isn’t,” before drawing a black handgun from his fanny pack and pointing it at him.

The suspect ultimately put the handgun back inside his fanny pack, the male accuser told police.

Police noted that the male accuser showed them two BB pistols in his possession, including the one he was oiling in the driver’s seat and another that was stored in a black bag in the back of the car.

The woman said that she tried but failed to film Hawkes-Engberts as he walked away. Her companion then stopped her and she returned to the vehicle to call law enforcement.

A bus driver who witnessed the incident told authorities that he saw the suspect confronting a woman whose dog was unleashed but “well-behaved.”

The driver also said he heard the male accuser call out Hawkes-Engberts for having a firearm but added that he was unable to see the gun from his viewpoint inside the bus.

Another witness told police that he heard people arguing then saw someone in a white car with a gun, as well as another person pointing a firearm.

The same witness told police that he believed the person in the car was pointing a gun, but could not be sure due to the distance, adding that he saw the people from the vehicle hiding a black bag with a gun in the trunk.

Police later located Hawkes-Engberts at his apartment. The suspect told authorities “to serve [their] white supremacist ideas somewhere else and if [they] wanted to talk with him to get a warrant and fuck off,” according to the police report.

Olympia police secured a search warrant on Hawkes-Engberts due to the involvement of firearms in the incident. A police report stated that officers “coordinated additional resources … [including] both Thurston County SWAT and … Hostage Negotiation Team.”

Hawkes-Engberts exited his apartment after speaking with hostage negotiators, led officers back into his apartment where he directed them to his handgun and concealed pistol license, both of which were taken by police.  He was booked at the Thurston County Jail for second-degree assault.


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