“Olympia-Tumwater” ranks No. 17 among best cities for restaurant workers across the US


Despite the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, a study showed that “Olympia-Tumwater, WA” ranked as the 17th best place for restaurant workers across the U.S.  

In a study by moveBuddha, published in August, the analysis showed that overall, Olympia provides a good working environment for employees in the restaurant industry. In addition, the city also ranked 8th in terms of providing healthy wages and more job opportunities for people working in the field.  

Based on the data, Olympia has a higher wage for restaurant workers than the national average. These include people who are working as cooks, servers, and hosts. According to the study, restaurant staff may only need to work an average of 7.05 hours to earn $100, as compared to the national average of 10 hours.

In addition, three other city-regions in the state of Washington made it to the top 25. These include Mount Vernon-Anacortes which ranked 4th, Spokane-Spokane Valley which ranked 5th, and Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue which ranked 13th. Overall, Seattle accounted for the largest proportion of jobs in the region.

Rankings were based on a study of 318 Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) across the country.


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