"Suspicious-looking" man busted after neighbor's hunch


After a Vail-area resident noticed a “suspicious-looking” man walking along the road in the south Thurston County area, a sheriff’s deputy discovered the man had a DOC escape warrant and was carrying an illegal handgun.

Anthony Heard, 35, of Rainier, was contacted by a Thurston County Sheriff’s deputy at 5:44 a.m. last Thursday, July 29 at the intersection of 146th and Vail Road SE.

Heard was carrying a shoebox, set it on the ground, and put his camouflage jacket over it on the ground. Heard told the deputy that his Saturn had broken down off of 146th.

 Dispatch advised the deputy that Heard had a DOC escape warrant. The deputy reported that while Heard was being arrested he told the deputy,  “I have a gun on me, please let me go.”

A search of Heard discovered a loaded 9mm magazine in the right breast pocket of the jacket. In the shoebox, underneath Heard’s jacket on the ground, was a black 9mm Browning handgun.

Heard was booked into Thurston Jail for unlawful possession of a firearm and a DOC warrant for assault.


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