Thurston County Jail inmate allegedly breaks sprinkler, causing temporary disabling of fire alarms

This is sixth arrest since Oct. 28 for the same individual


An inmate at the Thurston County Jail allegedly broke the sprinkler inside his cell, leading to the temporary disabling of fire alarms at the facility as staff purchased the needed parts for repair.

According to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, inmate Anthony John Hedgers was arrested at the jail last Mon., Nov. 22, for second-degree malicious mischief after damaging a fire suppression system valued at $800. The repair was estimated to cost $750.

Sheriff’s deputies reported that on the night of Nov. 20, the fire alarm at the Thurston County Jail went off and they entered Hedgers’ cell to see water flowing “heavily” from the fire sprinkler.

The deputies said Hedgers denied damaging the sprinkler but noted that the inmate had expressed frustration about not being able to shower earlier in the day. The TCSO report also stated that Hedgers was the only occupant of the cell.

Facilities management staff assessed that the point at which the sprinkler head needed to connect to the wall had been shoved too far back, deputies said, adding that due to the time, the needed parts for repair could not be acquired until the following morning.

Sheriff’s deputies were informed that the only solution at the time was to “deadline” Hedgers’ cell, which meant that fire alarms would not function throughout the jail until the sprinkler was repaired.

Hedgers was rehoused in a different cell where authorities learned that he brought out items he was not allowed to have, such as makeshift handcuffs from torn sheets and uniforms, a laundry bag, rings made from mask string, and some fishing line.

Police notices reported previously in The JOLT show that Hedgers has been arrested five previous times in Thurston County since and including Oct. 28. Other dates include Nov. 2, 13, 17 and 22.

Sheriff’s deputies said they made a mental health referral for Hedgers. 

TCSO records show that Hedgers was arrested earlier in November on suspicion of third-degree assault and violating an anti-harassment order.


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