Two felony charges for Olympia man who allegedly pulled gun on store employee


An Olympia man was charged with two felonies after allegedly pulling out a gun on a store employee with whom he had a verbal argument.

Calvert Raub Anderson Jr., 39, was charged with first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm and second-degree assault while armed with a firearm by the Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney on Sept. 26.

Anderson was arrested on Sept. 21, five days after an employee for the AM/PM store on Sleater Kinney Road SE reported that a man pulled a gun on him and left in a silver Equinox with a broken rear window.

The employee told police that a man, later identified as Anderson, came into the store asking about water. Anderson became agitated at the employee’s response and started arguing with him about needing water for his car.

Anderson was asked to leave the store because of his aggressive behavior, the employee said, but the suspect continued arguing. The employee said he grabbed a baseball bat near the register and walked around the counter while carrying it.

The suspect then exited the store and went to his car. The employee stood at the doorway while holding the bat, waiting for Anderson to leave the premises.

Anderson then pulled out a small black gun, which was pointed toward the ground as he held it in his right hand. The employee said Anderson told him something along the lines of, “You better watch yourself you p*nk a*s b*tch.”

Police said surveillance footage captured the interaction between Anderson and the employee at the counter, as well as the employee grabbing the bat and Anderson bringing out a gun.

The incident ended with Anderson getting into the driver’s seat of the vehicle and driving out onto Martin Way E. The employee identified Anderson from a photographic line-up presented to him by police.

Days later, police located Anderson’s vehicle in the parking lot of Ralph’s Thriftway on Fourth Avenue E.

Anderson was detained without incident. Police obtained a warrant to search the suspect’s car, but did not find any firearms or related accessories and magazines.

The front and back license plates of Anderson’s vehicle were found to be mismatched and expired.

The charging document stated that Anderson knowingly had a firearm in his possession despite previously being convicted of residential burglary.

After being medically cleared for his admitted fentanyl use, the suspect was booked into the Thurston County Jail for harassment with threats and a concealed weapon.


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