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I own a small commercial property in downtown Olympia, a short walk from the port peninsula's Marine Terminal (what most of us call "the port"). Needless to say, over the years, I've taken a keen … more
Please indulge me as I present a most unusual view of Thurston County. Shown in the photo, it's a view from 40 miles away, about 2,500 feet high on a mountain in the Olympics.  I was there in … more
Some 2,500 or so people attended Capital City Pride Day at the Port Plaza in downtown Olympia last Saturday, June 4, some wearing COVID masks, others wearing very little at all. Most wore some kind … more
Recently giving Washington state places new names has been getting attention. For example, the federal Department of the Interior is proposing renaming geographical sites in Washington that currently … more
Election season is upon us as assorted candidates start pushing their messages and platforms. Speaking points range across the spectrum, from those supporting Trump and his fantasies to those … more
What baby? Did you know you had a baby? Of course, I’m talking about The JOLT, The Journal OF Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater – your community-owned nonprofit news organization, your … more
The Hearing Examiner for the City of Lacey recently issued a recommendation to allow construction of the Meridian Market Gas Station project in northeast Lacey despite resident concerns. The City … more
Blacks in Thurston County is a collection of 55 short biographies about Black people who came to Thurston County between 1950-1975. Each chapter is named for the person the stories are about; … more
Now that the dust has settled from this year's legislative session I want to say how pleased I am with how they dealt with the conflicts that arose from HB 1310 which passed last year.  As … more
We have all seen what a mess our roads are, full of garbage, an absolute nightmare.  How did we get here?  And what is being done about it?   We certainly can’t leave the … more
Ah, what a beautiful day! The air has that magical quality it sometimes gets in spring, a caressing softness on the skin. The buds on the plum trees are swelling, and the robins have ascended to the … more
For what it’s worth Mental health? Addiction? What do we need in Thurston County? Anyone who walks around downtown is aware of the walking wounded that inhabit many … more
After spending a lot of time looking into how Olympia is dealing with homelessness (quite a lot), and I thought I’d look at Lacey and see what they are up to.   I had a nice chat with … more
The closing of the Deschutes Parkway homeless camp last week was a real milestone for the City of Olympia in its efforts to respond to the homeless crisis.  This was the end result of a long, … more
The Tumwater City Council hearing on November 30, and the failing negotiation between the city and the Port of Olympia, is just the latest episode of a long debate about the New Market Industrial … more
The importance of accurately understanding the history, including the current state of affairs of any political issue, can’t be understated.  It’s the only way to grasp how we got … more
It's local election season, and we're all trying to figure out who to vote for and support.  Local elections are, in many ways, the most important elections. Our local governments have the … more
It certainly has gotten nasty with the bizarre and violent protests we’ve been getting in Olympia, not only last week but for a while now.   To be clear, I’m not referring to … more
It’s property assessment time and reading some of the comments people make show that the property tax system is not well understood.  I know I didn’t understand it until I needed to … more
I truly don’t understand the argument about personal rights when it comes to wearing a mask -- or get vaccinated.  What it resembles is what one hears from a child when they don’t … more
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