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Did you know there was an election yesterday, of a board of supervisors, accountable to the citizens of Thurston County, that you likely didn’t get to have a say in? And what if I told you … more
It’s no secret that the homeless camps generate a lot of interest, frustration, concern, and a whole range of emotions from local folks.  Seems there are almost as many ideas of what to do … more
Two things about me. I walk somewhere every day and I almost always carry my camera. Oh, and I love mushrooms. So, one day this early fall I was walking in my Eastside neighborhood on the … more
Washington State wants landlords to supply affordable housing, and it also wants landlords to guarantee their tenants a dwelling unit, whether or not rent is paid. These two wishes are in conflict … more
When I was a young man growing up in rural Oregon, there was a term for people like me: “gun nut.”  By my twenties I had a sizable collection of rifles, pistols and shotguns. Some … more
I attended a ranger program recently dealing with Leave No Trace. The ranger showed a picture of rock art, or “ancestral inscriptions” as archaeologists often refer to the practice. … more
Thirteen-year-olds can AirDrop Simpsons memes from across the room, and artificial intelligence made chess masters like Garry Kasparov obsolete. But for all our technological advances, at home, … more
Until today The JOLT has successfully kept our pledge to focus exclusively on local issues. We cover news, events and people in Tumwater, Lacey, Olympia and nearby areas of Thurston County. It … more
I have to admit, I almost feel sorry for old 2020. It's been catching a lot of hate these days, and not without cause. Of course, the year we call 2020 -- with the obligatory eye-roll -- isn't an … more
Over the past nine months, I have written about some of the parallels between the 1918-20 influenza pandemic and today’s coronavirus outbreak: opposition to masks, premature elimination of … more
Last night it became official: the gray hairs in my beard are now 51%, overcoming the struggling-to-remain-relevant brown hairs, now down to 49%. This is the day after the 2020 General Election, a … more
It's 27 days before Thanksgiving but never to early to be grateful. What does this have to do with "How I Voted"? In case you're wondering if I'm going to tell you which candidates and issues I … more
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