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Dear Lexis, I feel like I’m doing everything right but nothing is changing. I’ve been utilizing affirmations, meditating, and doing what I can to monitor and change … more
Fall is a good time to plant trees. Rain and cool weather will help them make a gentle transition from pot to earth, and by spring their roots will be established and ready for action. But … more
Last Sunday, Sept. 10, was National Grandparents Day – a time to celebrate with your loved ones and family, real and adopted. Grandparents Day has been a National Holiday since 1979 but many … more
It certainly has gotten nasty with the bizarre and violent protests we’ve been getting in Olympia, not only last week but for a while now.   To be clear, I’m not referring to … more
Dear Lexis, You talk about changing your beliefs to change your life, but what if it isn’t possible to change your beliefs, or change yourself? I’ve tried to change and it … more
It’s time to think about fall planting – not to do it just yet, but time to plan ahead for it. In the garden, as in so many other areas of human life, planning ahead prevents a lot of … more
Seclusion. Isolation. Quarantine. Words that all mean pretty much the same thing in the long run – stuck at home. My family has gone through a lot of this recently. It started at my home … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been working toward weight loss all my life but I don’t seem to get anywhere. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Now I’m at the point where I … more
For people who live in apartments, duplexes, tiny houses or houses with tiny yards, community gardens are the 21st century’s version of a micro homestead – one that usually comes with … more
This week I’d like to introduce you to the many Lions Clubs serving the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, Tenino and Yelm communities. Once a month until we run out, I will introduce you to other … more
It’s property assessment time and reading some of the comments people make show that the property tax system is not well understood.  I know I didn’t understand it until I needed to … more
This week’s changeable weather sure felt like the end of summer, regardless of what the calendar says. (It says fall begins on September 22.) But there may be a brief summer sequel or … more
When you think of your Mother, what memories come flooding back? I still remember the smell of her makeup when I watched her get ready for work. I remember her laugh, especially when she was with her … more
Jill Severn writes from her home in Olympia, where she grows vegetables, flowers and a small flock of chickens. She loves conversation among gardeners. Start one by emailing her … more
COVID has reared its ugly head once more with a vengeance. In Thurston County, the number of cases is growing daily. Hospitals are filling up again, masks are mandated and schooling is uncertain. … more
I truly don’t understand the argument about personal rights when it comes to wearing a mask -- or get vaccinated.  What it resembles is what one hears from a child when they don’t … more
Dear Lexis, I’ve been offered the opportunity to pursue some new projects but I don’t feel like I have the time for all of them. They all seem equally valuable though, and I … more
Gertrude Jekyll, a wonderfully eccentric artist and gardener, was born in London in 1843 and spent most of her life in the English countryside. She was the author of several gardening books that … more
Since Olympia wasn’t founded until 1853, it’s a safe bet most of our ancestors came from somewhere else in the beginning. For instance, my education began in 1950 in a one-room … more
Usually in The Daily JOLT newsletter's Thurston County Trivia department we tell you about fun and hallowed "Days" and other commemorations. You know, National Julienne Fries Day (this … more
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